The benefits of hosting videos on Facebook

Previously, we discussed the key factors that you might want to consider to host your videos on Youtube. Today, we are going to everyone’s favourite platform, Facebook. Here are the key benefits of hosting your videos on Facebook.



Even the best videos fail if no one is around to watch it. A lot of marketers chose to use Facebook as their default hosting platform for videos because it allows them to leverage the audience they have put considerable amount of effort into getting. Since you are already talking to them with your post, articles, pictures (hopefully not only with cute cats), why not put some video along with your other media instead? This is an ideal approach for companies that have to sieve through loads of different content from different departments, regions or different events to take care of. Place it all in one place where everyone is already seeing it.


Erratic Posting

The secret sauce to success of social media is frequency, how often you post something of value to your audience. Unfortunately, business demands are very different. Imagine having to sort out your scheduled post on Facebook when suddenly an in house event requires your attention, or worst, your colleagues turn in sick after a long weekend away and now you are stuck with double the workload and half the time to complete it. Erratic posting of videos are still sort of acceptable for the online community because it is like a dessert after a meal; unexpected and is the sprinkles on top of your marketing cakeĀ (sorry for the heavy dessert reference). As long the bulk of your post are scheduled ie. articles are sent out same time every day and suddenly there is a video that either replace an article or on top of what they usually would get from you, your online audience will not only be surprised but also grateful something extra came unexpected, making it easier to buy into your brand.


Versatile Ad

Most people turn to Facebook for a more inexpensive approach to ads. Instead of creating a video ad purely for Youtube, you can use any article as an ad basis for Facebook. Select the post you are intending to use to garner views, pay Facebook for the reach you are looking for and sit back and wait for the corresponding results. It allows you to not only figure out what kind of content they are looking for but also which audience demographics you ought to change for each of the medium types. Having this versatility allows you to market yourself even better and gauge right down to the time, age, preference of medium and messaging; all of which use to cost millions of dollars to achieve.



Think about the last time you saw a viral video. Was it a link from Facebook? Yea of course, some videos would be found on Youtube but mainly the aggregator of content is Facebook. This means that if you are shooting for the stars with a potential piece to go viral, distributing it on Facebook is the way to go. It has a wider reach due to the social effect of people liking and sharing the post compared to Youtube’s algorithm and suggested videos which seems a little primitive against Facebook.


Now that you know which platform you are looking to host it on, time to find out the details on how to optimise for each platform so you can maximise the reach with your marketing budget.

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