An Orange at Stars of Kovan

We recently were invited by Orange Tee to help them market the new condominium establishment for Stars Of Kovan. We found out that it is meant for all of their agents at the location (a total of 20) and it needs to have a singular and well structured video to break away from the current developer’s marketing collateral to show the distinct value of Orange Tee’s agent; someone who has the ear to the ground and understands what the residents near the Kovan area are looking for in a condominium and showcase the lifestyle in the video.


Here is Paul’s video as an example:


What we achieved

This video covers all the needs of a condominium buyer who wants to raise a family in Kovan itself. It highlights the amenities such as school, eateries, shopping centres to satisfy the basic requirements of a growing family.


Next we cover the interior of the space so that viewers will have a visual understanding of what they are looking at before heading down to the showsuites. Having shots of the showsuites itself allows viewers to imagine life there and not only have that moment for a while when they are walking through the showsuites. Making it liveable is an important criteria for a video like this because it allows the home buyers to experience what life will be like when the estate is up.



We also refrained from shooting anything that will break the mental frame of the condominium not being up by not showing the construction site in our aerial footage as well as any details we want to highlight.



We also realised that condominium buyers are looking for differentiating factors in the facilities. We found Stars of Kovan have 2 major facilities that would work in this case, the 50m lap pool instead of an odd shape pool and the grease proof finishings. We found that shooting the 50m lap pool might be an issue due mainly to the fact that the construction is not complete but was able to remedy the situation with a closer and more intimate shot of another pool instead.

As for the grease proof finishings, it was available at the showsuites itself and a close up gives the immediate feeling of how easy it is to maintain for a busy couple raising their families.


Lastly and most importantly, you choose your property agent due to looks, trust and ability to connect. We decided to produce a video that have each of the various agents voice each video to give the maximum amount of trust and knowledge. We also reserve the end shot of the agent talking to the camera to instil the ability to connect with the actual buyers when the see the video as well as who exactly to look for if you were to go down to the showsuites itself.


What we can improve

The area of improvement we would be bringing forward to our next project of a similar scale is to get each of the agents to build even more trust and credibility in their voiceovers. If given more time, we foresee being able to get well done voiceovers that people might mistake as professional voiceover artist done in a professional recording studio.


The other area of improvement is to optimise the video for Facebook itself. This means that it needs to be shot in such a way that it can deliver in a square format as well as provide the most effective comments and thumbnail to peak interest and get more views and calls to the agent themselves.


All in all, we wish Orange Tee all the best in getting the best sales possible after creating this marketing video with us!

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