7 Tips On Starting Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of those products that has been portrayed as extremely difficult and expensive. However, that is because the TV, Movie and TVC has always strived to create stunning effects but that does not need to be the case for you to succeed. Here are 7 tips on starting video as a marketing tool.

1) Start with questions that people have about your products
The simplest way to make sure you get the audience right is to solve problems, especially if it is about your own product. Let’s say you are a sauce company. What you can do is to teach people how to cook with your sauce. This can then be spun into various cooking shows featuring different artists for even bigger audience outreach.

2) Find out what is enticing about your product
We always will know what attract clients to us and that can be used as a bridging topic for your potential audience. What you can do is to create content that appeals to your specific audience. Take the sauce company again for instance. If you are selling sauces your target audience is people who cook at home and with majority of them being housewives, it is more ideal to speak their language. Maybe they like your sauce because it helps save prep time and is available everywhere. That could be a reminder at the end of each of your video for those who has just gotten to know your brand and also for long-term customers who might have relocated and is unsure if they can find your products again.

3) Start small but create often
If there is one tip you can definitely take away and start doing, it is this. Too many people want to create fancy videos that take months to complete when all they really need to do is to create content consistently. When Casey Neistat started out, it was mainly about documenting his life everyday. It was not fancy and neither is if fancy now. But look at his audience and views daily!

4) Use a tagline all the time
Many people assume you have to adopt an entirely different set of rules when you are dealing with social media but that does not mean whatever you learnt in branding and marketing in traditional platforms cannot be applied here. One of the key cornerstone is a tagline. A tagline summarise your company into an expression your audience can relate and rally behind. Think Nike. They have not changed their tagline even when they transition into the online space.

But what happens if I don’t have a tagline? Well, you can try to develop it in-house but I highly suggest investing in getting a lot of writers to come up with them for you. This allows you to find the best fit for your company at the best price.

5) Be on trend each week
The fastest way to get an audience is to follow the trending bandwagon. Each week you will see topics that the majority of the public will deviate towards and if you catch on those topics, you will become accidental views of the hot topic. Kind of like rubbing shoulders with celebrities.

6) Have decent production value
As much as I mentioned previously that you don’t need to go over the top with visual effects, drone and cranes, people deviates to content which is professionally shot and that can be achieved easily with a tripod. After creating your content with a static camera on a tripod (make sure your focus is spot on), take shots that relate to the topic you talked about. For example, if you are doing a cooking show to highlight your sauce, focus on your sauce bottle (branding duhh!) and also the actions involved in cooking (cutting, frying, turning on the stove etc). Use those shots to connect your story or to emphasise the action or the point your host is talking about. Talking about audio, throw in some royalty free music and a good microphone to record your host.

7) Check your analytics
Nothing matters more than your analytics. When you have a consistent traffic visiting your content, you will be able to tell what your customers like and what they don’t like and adjust accordingly. This will take the guess work out of the video and make your life easier.

I hope that with this 7 tips checklist, you will find it easier to make videos marketing a successful cornerstone of your business. Now, let’s get out there and make some videos!

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