5 steps to going viral

Going viral is the achievement of a lifetime, but is it like striking a lottery or is it something that can be methodically be done? Here is our suggestion on how to take control of your brand and get the recognition it deserves.


Unique Idea


This is the recipe for success. If your audience can predict where your video is going, then it is not a unique idea anymore. A unique video idea must be one that stuns, shock, captivate and make people cry their eyes out. In short, a unique video idea must make the audience stay in the moment, not a second earlier or later. If people can continually stay on the train of thought (see what I did there?), then you have a recipe for success. Great places to start is by seeing videos made in your industries and asking yourself a simple question; How can I do better or different?




In order for a great idea to be widely talked about online, you need to optimise it for the platform. If you are looking to do it on Facebook, please make sure it is 1:1 and not 16:9. If you are doing on Youtube, make sure you have someone do great copy and thumbnails for you to give you the best chance of success. If you take the most luxurious shark’s fin and put it in a hawker centre, it will be seen as inappropriate, not shocking or different. Learn to master the platform and even your regular videos can benefit from it.


Produce it with finesse


There is good video production company and great video production company. Just because the story flows and the language makes sense does not mean it is the best route to go down. Take for instance an interview. A lot of people go into an interview thinking all we need is to get the talent comfortable on camera and say his line, but that is not it. A great production house will look into location, wardrobe, even finding the right talent to appear on screen to give the right feeling on screen. A thoughtful and meticulous production company will even go to the far extend or prepping your talent and even have a teleprompter if it needs to produce the best footage they can.


Tighten it in edit


Most editor just piece things together, a great one knows how to tighten and suspend people’s belief. Even shots that are not the most ideal but reflects the mood by around 70% of the time can benefit from a good editor. Let’s say you have a wonderful interview wide shot of your talent but suddenly someone accidentally bump into the camera or the lighting shifted just slightly on set. A good editor will know that it happens and shift the timing of the montage earlier, crop in if possible, use another camera or even drop that line of dialogue if its value is destroyed by that subtle change. A good editor can separate what he sees on the screen as an editor as well as an audience, giving him the ability to craft a work of art with seemingly little time. It is not that he is flippant in his work or it is too easy for him, but rather because a thousand decisions get made before he arrive at that point.


Distribute on Time


It used to be that the first 4 points were enough for a great TVC but now with so many distractions around, it is even more poignant to ride the trend wave as much as possible. Let’s say you have a video that could benefit from the sudden public outrage about a social issue. Your video will touch on everyone’s raw nerve and be even more impactful if realised on the right time. If realised a day or two later, the impact can be lost. Similarly, it is also important to see what the social climate is like and if it doesn’t add value being released in a controversial social climate, taking a step back is also a good idea.

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