5 Situations to Make Videos

Video Marketing is thought to be the last thing on your list due to its cost, unmeasurable effectiveness and coordination needed in the past. However, with the implementation and control of traffic on social media and a even tighter targeting ability on Facebook and Youtube, you can certainly do it more often. Here are 5┬ásituations you can try video marketing for your brand’s success.

Product Launch, Branch Opening

This should be the easiest time for you to launch a video. With the anticipation or the hype campaign you create to maximise the most amount of sales/ foot traffic for your brand, launching a video to highlight the arrival of such a major milestone will ensure your brand get the notice it needs from the crowd you target. If no one knows that you are launching a new branch or even a new product, how will they know to get your products or services?


Damage Control

From the easiest decision, let us jump to the other end of the spectrum; PR Damage Control. Sometimes, we are given a chance to get ahead of the situation, other times we only know of the incident when it is too late. Doing a video to acknowledge the mistake made and if possible, use it as a time to turn the tide is an ideal way for your company to get even more recognition. People like people/brands who are honest and when bad times do come around, standing up for your mistakes will get you more long term customers.



Just like damage control, this is also a key moment where consumers are tuned into your brand. Having a video to highlight the festivities and the bundles you offer will see increased sales and traffic in no time. Even if you are not promoting it through the use of bundled sales or with a new product, just doing a video that is themed around the holidays will ensure that your brand ride the consumer wave to the bank. This shows that you are in touch with the usual calendars and because it is so much more predictable, it is easier to create and archive until the festivities calls for it, maximising your cost during 1 production shoot.


Sensationalised Local News

This is something that you can definitely draw more eyeballs to; especially if it is a viral video on social media or a controversy in the news. Leveraging on this trend is an ideal approach because people are already looking for the topics and giving them what they are looking for with bias to your brand will ensure that you stay relevant in this fast changing digital world.


Competitor’s┬áMarketing Efforts

You know how when your competitor launch their marketing campaigns your brand takes a hit? Well not anymore. Now you can learn to fight back; in a classy way of course. No cat fight or scratching. Look out on the horizon for the way your competitor position themselves and what channels they are reaching out in. A savvy customer will be able to see your fighting effort against your competitor as a noble cause; and everyone will support the David when it comes to a fight.


With 5 different ways to make videos to draw more attention and make your brand relevant to your audience, don’t you think it is time to put on your thinking cap and write out some video ideas you might have right now?

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