5 reasons to invest in video marketing early

Too many times we are afraid of the unknown. What happens if I fail? What happens if I am fired because of the decision I make? It is good to be cautious about the Internet landscape but that does not mean shunning it and hiding in a shell. The idea is to embrace the uncomfortable with a toe in the water to make sure that it is the right decision for your company. Here are a list of 5 reasons to invest in video marketing early for your company that promises a fitting reward in the future.


Instant Credibility

If I were to give you 2 options to reach out to potential customers- sales and social media videos, which would you pick? How about if they are both cost the same amount of money? Evidently, the shift would be to video because you can reach out to a bigger pool of audience. That is exactly what Dollar Shave Club did.

Even with the fact that it is an online subscription model, the owner embrace the idea to speak directly to his clients as a person, a face that people can put a name to rather than some corporate image that lord over everyone. Being personable on video will work for your brand and allows you to express your values and captivate your audience like no other media can.


Control the opinion about you

If that is one thing many brands neglect, it is about the opinion people have about you. With the dawn of the internet age and the vast majority getting plugged in, spreading the right message for your brand has never been simpler. It used to be a very expensive thing to make a video, then buy the distribution for TV ads and outdoor media, hoping that someone will see it. However, it is no longer the case. As long as you are consistently putting out content and giving what your customers are looking for, building a good opinion about you has never been simpler.


Understand your customers

What cost would you pay to understand your customer’s whim and demands? What happens if you are able to leverage on your customer focus for a certain period and promote your brand in the way that they are not resistant to? Well, that is easily packaged in a product called video. Creating a story centred around your customers and how to solve their problem is only the first step in building a relationship with someone. The more you connect with them, the more you know about their ups and downs, how you can help and when they need you the most. With information like that being fed back to you, isn’t it great that you are here in the internet age?


Inexpensive Damage Control

It used to be that in order to solve a problem that damage the brands, you have to hire a strong PR agency to fight fire for you. However, now you can distribute the message yourself and change the public opinion of your brand. The longer you take the come aboard the internet video marketing wagon, the more expensive and distant your clients will become. Having an early lead when your customer base is small means it is easier to foster relationship that will last for generations.


Outmaneuver the competiton

In business, there is bound to be competition for the same pie. What you can do about it is what will guarantee the success or failure of your brand. If everyone in your industry is communicating the same message to the same audience on the same platform, your message will get diluted with the rest. Just being on a different platform reaching out to a similar audience will ensure that you grow your base much bigger and whatever tactics your competitor employ will be crushed by your smart tactics on being on a different platform.


With the 5 reasons to start early, maybe it is worth considering to pursue video marketing in the year 2017. In the meantime, Happy New Year to all our viewers and thank you so much for your continuous support.

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