4 reasons why you should not do video yourself

I know, money is tight nowadays and since technology is picking up so quickly, we as consumers should have everything created in a plug and play fashion right? Since there are so many youtubers doing it at home, I should be able to do it too, right?

Well.. Not really, unless you are running your small 1 person blog shop where you do everything from procurement to delivery and marketing. Then perhaps it will suit you. Here are some of the reasons why hiring is a much more feasible approach.




Lets say you are working at Old Spice and you have just came up with the wonderful idea of hiring Terry Crews to do your video (and you have the budget as well). Even though the video theme is casual, that does not mean that it is homemade trial and error. It is better to hire someone to execute your vision because it allows you to focus on the creative and someone else to do the heavy lifting. Imagine if every time you want to buy something from China you need to learn how to code a taobao website, understand drop shipping and all the logistics issue, learn to drive a van and most importantly create the product from raw material? Wouldn’t that be simply too exhausting? Remember, video is a tool, let someone else create it and you buy it, don’t be the one who makes it and use it.


Too close to the matter

From one extreme to the other, sometimes we are a little too close to the subject that we have tunnel vision of how the product and services needs to be represented. Getting a 3rd party in allows you to exercise and stretch the creative space to market your products. Who says shampoo advertisement needs to be a woman swinging her head, pushing her hair back and smelling shampoo bottle? Why not have a man use it and his friends shocked on why this unattractive guy is getting all the attention now?


Cost and time

In order to be the very best at what you do, you need to maximise the time you spent at work and delegate things that create lesser value out. A typical video production house has close to 10 people working on a single project, hundreds of thousands dollars worth of equipments and decades of combined experiences. Would you really want to spend all the time and effort to get that just to execute your marketing video of the year? Or would you prefer to engage the right partners that know your vision, execute it for you while liaising with your event company and printer to make sure you get the maximum exposure for your brand while you sip champagne and cheers to another successful campaign yet again?




Sometimes creativity requires more manpower to achieve the vision and this means you need to manage a team. If you are looking to do it in house, you may need to manage an entire team of people who are not experienced in that trait ineffectively and hope that it results in the desired outcome you are looking for. Hiring a production house means that you can effectively hand off casting of talents, wardrobe, make-up, production team and post production team to them to handle. Having different people who specialise in different areas of the business allows you to get a nicely gift wrapped video without worrying if there is 1 missing element.


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