3 types of videos that do well online

Videos are like food; you need to appeal to the taste of where the environment is. Your audience will feel awkward if you decides to serve them chicken rice on a brown paper wrap right? But add a bit of finesse with fine chinas and heavy metal utensils and suddenly it is. Here are some great video content you can explore so that you will cater to their tastebuds.


Listical Videos

Youtube for once is a great resource site for listical videos; from students to maids and even kisses. The idea is to inject your personal flavour into what you think will compliment your brands. For example, if you are in the make-up industry; perhaps a video like 12 types of lipsticks, 10 types of people in a make-up store or 12 things in a woman’s bag will be suitable. The idea is association and making it casual in order for people to relate to.


Explainer Videos

People have a tendency to overcomplicate things, making explaining situations, softwares and how something work very difficult. If you can digest an entire concept like Astrophysics and present it that even your niece who is attending K2 can understand, then this is something you will be an ace at. Explainer videos are engaging, leverage on what viewers are looking for and is a bridging materials between people from different industries, skill sets and expertise. Explainer videos are generally presented on a whiteboard animation, a 2D vector animation in order to keep things clean and focus the viewer on the message with complimentary visuals to help people understand better.


Seasonal Videos

What is a sure-fire way to get to your audience? Well, with seasonal videos of course. At this point of time, people are about to celebrate chinese new year and naturally there will be a spike in traffic related to videos in that aspect. The idea is not to own the entire space on seasonal video, but rather give it the impression that it is a rare find and it is helpful or entertaining for them. Seasonal videos can even be made in advance so that you can maximise your production cost by having 2-3 productions be shot together. Make sure that your content is SEO optimized as that will be your driving force for your traffic for many years to come. In terms of the 3 videos, this has an infinite ROI due to it being watched more and more by people as the year progresses.


With chinese new year looming, here is wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year and prosperity and progress in all aspects of life, from family, marriage, friends and even work.

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