3 things to do before making your first video

In this mad world of the internet, information comes flooding in like a collapsed dam or a leaky faucet. Here are 3 things you need to do if you want to stay on track to make your video.



Many people understand concept as the story, the type of video etc. However, I would like to challenge you in a slightly different aspect; think about it like a TV series. Do you think what you are planning to do can be stretched to fill an entire series (10-12 episodes) or is it a one of tale? The reasoning is simple. As far as a stand alone video can get maximum views, you need something substantial to get people coming back week after week (or if you are doing daily video, I salute you venturing into the depths of the internet). Having a series like Buzzfeed’s Try Guys, Because Science with Kyle Hill will ensure that you attract a steady stream of audience to your channel on a regular basis.



After nailing what concept you think will work for you, find out what people are also doing based around the same concept. If you are doing a food review channel, check out other food review channel. The idea why Research comes after concept is because people generally set limits on themselves after they do the research. If you come up with a concept first, you have 2 choices; adapt to make it your own or ditch it. That is better than not even moving past the concept stage because you keep beating yourself down based on the research you do. Now that you are doing research, see what is something different you can add to it. People are doing food review in your city, how about a $20 budget food review show like Cheap Eats from Cooking Channel or something quirky like taking the last letter of each food you eat to decide where else to go next. With a sprinkle of difference, people are more likely to revisit your sites more often because they like the spin on the usual programs they watch.


Plan and shoot quickly

I cannot say this enough. A video shoot will require planning no doubt, but if all you do is plan, it is a concept that is a sitting duck to be stolen and used. Try it out and see how it goes. The more often you try something, the more feedback you are doing to get which will then enable you to either do more of that or less of that. Either way, it is a direction of progress rather than staying stagnant with an idea locked up in your head or on the paper.


With these 3 tips, I hope that you will take your thoughts from idea to screen and see how it works for your audience. With such a huge audience on YouTube, I am certain you will find an audience base that resonates with your works.



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