3 simple videos you can do with minimal investment

Sometimes, you want to get started but you need something cheaper to kickstart the momentum. Here are 3 simple video executions every industry could use in order to start the “behemoth” train of video moving.


Explainer Video

Every product and service can do with an explainer video. This allows people to understand your brand, you messaging and what you stand for in a short and easy to consume media. You can do a timelapse video of you drawing the actions out on screen and speed it up to fit the length of your script easily with a blank wall, some markers, good lighting and a static camera. If you are in a “boring” industry like logistics or Finance, try to strip down the language until a 10 year-old can understand what you are talking about.


Song Parody

This is a little bit tricky but as long as you check that it is a creative commons song, you should have no problem. The idea is to find a song that represents that occasion and give it a spin based on the situation that life unfolds; Christmas song turns into a couple quarrelling about shopping. This will not only cause you to ride the trending wave, but also creates the impression that a company is not just a lifeless thing, but something that can feel, think, relate to what is happening in the world.


Other uses for your product/service

Sometimes we focused too much on how our product can work in a specific ways that we fail to consider other implementation for the product. Showcasing different use of your product (even for things that are outrageous or disgusting that you might say) can actually translate to earning more revenue and promoting a persona that your brand is easygoing and is open to doing depreciating jokes on itself to entertain the audience. Products like a blender to beverage, there is always something fun to do with it.


With ideas that are easy to execute, go out there and start making a splash with your creative ideas for your business!

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