The three worst mistakes you can make with videos

Many clients told us a startling news, that they don’t get any ROI from their video at all. When we actually dissect the videos they have done so far, we realised they made 3 fatal mistakes and they are as follows



Not having a call to action

So you escape from the fish tank, now what?


Imagine going to meet your client after you painstakingly looked for them, call them, arrange a meeting and get dressed up for. You hit it off really well with them and you know your client likes you. You know, because you have been doing sales for a long time. You leave the meeting on a high note and promise to stay in touch.


But you get back to the office only to realise that your emails are ignored, calls left unanswered and you question yourself if you screw something up in the meeting. Well, you actually did. You forgot to instil a call to action and what they can look forward to. Similarly, imagine you create the most pleasing video only to end on your company logo. Tacky and directionless, just like a headless chicken.



No distribution plans

How to waste money on video, don’t distribute it!


A video without a distribution plan is like a lemonade stand in the middle of the desert, no attentions given. In this fast paced world of digital media, if you don’t distribute your gem, no one will know how to find you. But you say “I spend all this money on this viral video, it will be a hit” Wrong. A viral video can go viral, but it takes a critical mass because it spreads like wildfire. Always budget 50-70% of your budget to distribution. This lowers your risk of no visibility for your video and make sure even if done badly, at least someone has seen it. Would you rather break even or earn a little on your bad lemonade stand, or be left with tons of products on the shelf and no one to buy from you? Your choice.



Not being emotional

If you don’t have emotions, please don’t make videos.


Worst of all, if a video does not invoke an emotion, then don’t bother making it. A video without any emotions is like a knife without a blade, pointless and useless. A photo needs to invoke depth and shock people, an article needs to interact and speak to a direct person and a video needs to be emotional. Without emotion, you might as well pour money down a drain. An emotional video on the other hand, ensures that your message stays in their heart and takes up mental space. And we marketers know what happen when you occupy mental space, sales and revenue goes up.

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