7 videos to make for your company

With the advancement of social media, more and more marketing needs to be done online to remain competitive and effective. Speaking about online, video is the most effective media for communication on social media platforms. Here are the 7 videos that you will benefit immensely from if used right online.


Marketing Videos


The most seen videos on social media will definitely be marketing videos for you to display and advertise your services and wares. Marketing videos can come in the form of real life video story, 2d animation or a montage of variety of products in its line-up. What’s more, you can track the discount code or url link to see how effective it is.


Recruitment Videos


Think that recruitment means filling up pages and pages of paper asking for a variety of qualification, experience and a list of job descriptions? Why not turn it into a video? It not only shows your ability to be nimble and keep up with the times, but it sieves through applicants that do not follow your specific instruction, for instance to send in a video resume instead of a wordy document for your HR to process.


Corporate Video


Require to present to your investors or guests what your company does as well as what is your unique selling point? Why not showcase it in video? This way, you keep your audience fresh to absorb whatever that is being discussed during your meetings instead of finishing your corporate talk with a walk to the restroom to let your guests freshen themselves.




Did you buy more merchandise that you originally intended to and now it is time to clear your stocks? Or how about the fact that your company is undergoing a lull period before business picks up again? Using a promotional videos engages your customers and allows them to get your products and services without needing to sieve through the mountain of information you want to lay on them. This means they are less frustrated when getting products or services from you, which translate to a lesser tendency to negotiate on the price and payment terms.


Internal Communication


So, you have a new staff that join your cause and now you have to allocate someone to shadow him/her for a couple of days. What happens if they join during a peak period and everyone is already stretched and you need the new hires to be caught up to speed as soon as possible. By using a video as a bridging gap for your new employees, you are able to communicate the sincerity you have for each and every staff without the hassle of doing it in person. A happy staff is a committed staff and that means less time looking for replacement, which is always good for your bottom line.





Being unique and different, teaching may vary from trainer to trainer. This could be useful as you will have opportunities to see staff or contractors that are highly proficient in teaching, but that also means that you will also have to deal with people whose specialty isn’t in that as well. You could try a trial of different trainers and staff until you find the right one before creating a video for it. This way, you can ensure you get the optimum best training material to suit most of your staffs and make sure everyone’s training is based on the best standards you chose.





Nothing sells products faster than testimonials. If you can show your clients your previous jobs that has similar reviews, chances are the job is yours. However, if you can show it in the form of video, imagine how much more confidence it creates for your potential clients. I am not talking about sealing this job here and now, but rather building a bridge that will work for all of you in the long term. Video testimonials convey feeling with facial expressions and gestures to communicate the point the speaker is about to make and this creates a personal connection like you were sitting listening to the previous clients in a face to face session, not forgetting how professional it looks compared to a laminated piece of testimonial for your sales team to bring out.

How to tell a compelling video

In this day and age, it is not only enough to create video content, you have to create one that people care a great deal for. Here are 5 things to do to make sure your video is compelling and gets your audience excited.


Unique storyline


Too many times we cut ourselves at the knee by telling the same old boring story in the same old way; “miracle” product that after being used on a lifestyle basis improves the standard of life, we are the best school/product/service because we have so and so features and the dreaded interview. In order for you to get noticed and have someone watch your video from start to end, you need a compelling story. Sure, you might be selling shampoos but there is no law saying you need to use a lady with waist length straight hair and a lot of head tossing. Why not tell your shampoo story with a unique twist from a children’s book, Rapunzel for instance, on how prince charming cannot save Rapunzel because her hair were too frizzy and prone to breakage.



Reorder your story


Instead of telling a story from start to end, ask why don’t you tell your story from the middle or even better start with the end? Reordering your story creates curiosity because your audience will wonder what created this scenario and that is where you have hook them in. Even a boring story about how a miracle shampoo gives you volume hair can start by showing the solution before showing the problem.


Utilise humour


Too many times, we take our brand too seriously. Humour maybe the best way for us to relate to another human being. When our audience shares our humour, you create a bond that is virtually unbreakable, allowing you to set the stage and allow you to subtly slide in your call to action.



Speak to just 1 person


Instead of trying to convince all the people in your demographics to buy from you, look for that 1 unique person you want to sell to. Instead of showing a video on how healthy hair can be theirs if they use your shampoo, why not tell a story about a cat plotting to understand the secret of her owner’s luscious hair? Yes, this might seem that you reduce your target audience down to people who have cats, but this allows you to build rapport on a deeper level instead of focusing on the superficial level on how good your wares are.



Use different platforms


In order to market effectively in this day and age, you need to be seen multiple times on various platforms. People have more choices than ever now compared to the age of the TV and radio where traditional media were your only way to advertise. Now, you have ambient marketing, traditional mediums and social media to utilise. Find out their lifestyle patterns and this will let you know when to showcase your brand in front of your viewers on multiple platform for maximum retention.

Have a singular purpose in video

Nowadays, it is easier to create videos for your brand due to the low cost of distribution and the growth of DSLR lines that can shoot amazing HD videos. However, this has led to many brands failing to remember the basics of video marketing which is always focus on 1 feature. Here is 5 reasons why a singular purpose is your best bet when it comes to video.


Talk to 1 person in the crowd

Yes, I am talking to you and only you!


Have you ever been to a conference where it seems that the speaker is talking directly to you in the crowd? It makes you feel special, like someone understands you and cares about you. That is the power of mass media but in order to do that you have to prepare your speech to speak to 1 person in the crowd. Let’s say you are selling a shampoo product that has multiple features and is targeted towards ladies, from smooth silky hair to soothing lavender scent and is sold at all major departmental store. That is 3 different audience there, a lady with frizzy ends, a busy working mother who bathes very late after a stressful day at work and a woman who stays far away from various amenities at her new BTO flat. If you can isolate and speak directly to the lady with the frizzy ends, exploring in depth the insecurities and struggles of a lady with frizzy ends and the inconvenience and low self esteem it causes, then you can be certain your message will be deeply absorbed by that group more. Remember in consumer marketing, depth is key, not width.



Better memory

Become part of your audience permanent memory


Remember when you were back in school and you have to study and memorise multiple things and always couldn’t understand why nothing seems to be registering in your mind? Well, that is what we call mental overload and it is the same in your video. Imagine the same scenario and you explain all 3 features of your shampoo. After your video has been played, how much do you actually remember about the brand and the problem it aims to solve? If you cannot remember a couple of hours after the video has played, what makes you think they will remember the next time they pass by your product in the store?



Better branding

What do your audience remember you for?


All the big brands focus on only 1 benefit of their business, coca cola is about enjoying life, dove is about embracing individual beauty, L’oreal is about being at your best, BMW is about luxury above the rest. If you focus on just 1 target audience, you will see that your brand awareness for your product will go through the roof and it will become more and more easy to connect to your audience every month or every week. Good branding becomes an allocated space in your head, once you move in it is hard to get you out.



Track your growth

If you don’t know how well you are doing, how will you know when you get there?


In marketing, tracking is the key to your growth. How can you be certain your marketing strategy is working unless you are tracking your efforts? If you sell on the front of frizzy hair and realise that you do 10% more sales and 15% more awareness at the end of the marketing plan compared to your general audience targeting, would you be interested to focus on that? Or would you prefer to target ladies who needs a good night’s rest after a long day at the office since it produces 50% more sales and 2x more awareness? Suddenly, numbers make it clear.


Easier to create a story

It is story time! Once upon a time…


Facts tell, stories sell. In order for your audience to connect with your brand, you need the glue called emotions. No other medium allows you to connect directly and automatically with your audience than video. With a video, you can tell a story from start to end and if done correctly, can create an emotional attachment to your brand. Remember how when you break up with your ex that all of a sudden all the places you ever visited becomes a painful reminder of the love that you have lost? Or how about a particular food makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because your grandma used to cook that particular dish for you when you were growing up, even when you were studying late into the night? Emotions are the reason we love something more than it is and video emulates life so closely that it delivers it on a digital platform seamlessly.

The three worst mistakes you can make with videos

Many clients told us a startling news, that they don’t get any ROI from their video at all. When we actually dissect the videos they have done so far, we realised they made 3 fatal mistakes and they are as follows



Not having a call to action

So you escape from the fish tank, now what?


Imagine going to meet your client after you painstakingly looked for them, call them, arrange a meeting and get dressed up for. You hit it off really well with them and you know your client likes you. You know, because you have been doing sales for a long time. You leave the meeting on a high note and promise to stay in touch.


But you get back to the office only to realise that your emails are ignored, calls left unanswered and you question yourself if you screw something up in the meeting. Well, you actually did. You forgot to instil a call to action and what they can look forward to. Similarly, imagine you create the most pleasing video only to end on your company logo. Tacky and directionless, just like a headless chicken.



No distribution plans

How to waste money on video, don’t distribute it!


A video without a distribution plan is like a lemonade stand in the middle of the desert, no attentions given. In this fast paced world of digital media, if you don’t distribute your gem, no one will know how to find you. But you say “I spend all this money on this viral video, it will be a hit” Wrong. A viral video can go viral, but it takes a critical mass because it spreads like wildfire. Always budget 50-70% of your budget to distribution. This lowers your risk of no visibility for your video and make sure even if done badly, at least someone has seen it. Would you rather break even or earn a little on your bad lemonade stand, or be left with tons of products on the shelf and no one to buy from you? Your choice.



Not being emotional

If you don’t have emotions, please don’t make videos.


Worst of all, if a video does not invoke an emotion, then don’t bother making it. A video without any emotions is like a knife without a blade, pointless and useless. A photo needs to invoke depth and shock people, an article needs to interact and speak to a direct person and a video needs to be emotional. Without emotion, you might as well pour money down a drain. An emotional video on the other hand, ensures that your message stays in their heart and takes up mental space. And we marketers know what happen when you occupy mental space, sales and revenue goes up.