Video is the new salesman

In the past, we had people selling stuff for us. From 2nd hand cars to video games and clothes, we had someone selling to us. As more and more of the buying and selling happens online, it becomes more and more difficult to portray the right image with people making more and more assumption with hair trigger reactions. However, with this bad news comes a silver lining. There is a steady incremental demand and views for videos as content becomes an ingrained part of the sales process. To maximise this uptrend, here are 5 things you can do in your next video.


Front it

At the start, no one knows who are you and what you are like. In order to benefit fully from the effort, front your own video. People trust you better when they can see you, physically and visually in front of them. From the primitive ages, we have been able to judge and decide quickly if someone is friend or foe. With video, we can keep refining it until you get it right, even if you are new or shy in front of the camera.



In order to know what your target audience wants and thinks, you need constant flow of information to base your judgement on. In this age, data is king. Knowing what trends your customers are leaning towards or what are their new concerns allows you to leverage on micro-trends to boost sales. Besides, communicate consistently and frequently will allow your customers to see you as an expert in that specific area and constant communication before bad times roll around.


Distribute evenly

Whenever you create a new content, you need to put time into distribution. 1 piece of video can be shared on Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and on your blog. People consume your media differently and your audience comes from all over, so don’t restrict their access or knowledge of your wonderful content just because you wish to only distribute it on 1 platform.


Answer feedbacks

Too many times we dumb our clients down into zombies that gives us money but that is clearly not the case. Seeing feedbacks on your news feed and your content allows you to know where your client’s head is at as well as show yourself as the bigger person. Sometimes, people test your patience to uncover your genuine nature. If your heart is in the right place, people will see it for themselves.


Exchange favours

No man is an island and having people perceive that you are an influential person can speak volumes about your brand and services. In this social media era, it is about sharing. Sharing each other content, marketing for each other and sharing each other’s expertise. When you help people in the video aspect, you help grow your friend’s reach. When they have good reach, you have even more credibility to their next circle of people they can influence. This trust creates an atmosphere that is easy for people to choose you as the ideal partner. Who knows, this could even open more doors to other business opportunity.


1 last thing…

With video spearheading your brand, you also require 1 last theme throughout all your video and that is connecting emotionally in your video. If people are emotionally connected to your brand through the videos you make, you create an influence and likability for many years to come.

The New Marketing Law

Marketing has changed, even more rapidly when the media and platform is in the control of the people. Today, marketing is not so much about broadcasting your message and forcing people to accept it, but rather it is now about building a relationship and providing value way ahead before the sale. This has since been dubbed permission marketing, where you seek permission before offering what is suitable for them. Given this new way of marketing, here are 3 tips to stretch your marketing budget.


Be Relatable

Have you ever felt sometimes that you are a chicken talking to a duck, that your customers never seem to be able to get what you are trying to say? It could be that your rapport wasn’t build, your expertise not acknowledge or your solution is not suitable for your client. Either way, it is about the platinum rule.




Be Able

In this world of endless choices, it is not so much about people needing to listen to you, it is about listening to your client. Sure, you can be an expert physician, but if you are not an expert in understanding that your patients that visit your clinic wants it air-conditioned and the queue to be extremely quick and part of the panel of doctors under his/her company healthcare list, you can forget about doing your business with him/her for long. The name of the game now is convenience, and mastering it means being socially seen, an expert online, offline and is keeping up with technological advances. Only then will you have his/her business for many more years to come.



Be Present

Being present isn’t just about providing your services 24/7, but rather always be giving information related to your field. If you are in the area of marketing, then you should be posting something about marketing, sharing new market insights and trends as often as it comes up. Only with this habit in your everyday life will you become someone that people open their hearts and wallets to when the impulse or need to get your products comes up.


Video- The New Trojan Horse

Everyone is familiar with the idea of the myth of the Trojan Horse (yes, it is a myth, as proven by science).  You get people to hide in the horse, your enemy brings it in and you unravel in the silence of the night and open the gates for your comrades. Similarly, in this age of resistance marketing (where an audience is resistant to all the message you put out as a advertiser), it is far more sensible to appeal to the things your audience enjoy rather than to the things that antagonise them. Here are 5 evergreen topics you can easily mash with your brands to encourage your audience to view your content more often, and thus less resistant to your marketing.


Current Trends

Remember the Oxley Saga? If you were in 1 of these 2 industry (namely property and will making), it would be an easy sell for you to convert by sharing your expertise and professional angle (please keep it civil and your opinions to yourself) to the mass audience. If you are not in the relevant field, utilise other public opinion about the case as a pivot for you to enter and share the limelight. Never, and I repeat never, voice your personal opinion on the issue and then try to pry your way into the conversation. Not only will you get less traffic because you are not a subject matter expert (i.e. Lawyer, property agent etc), you run the risk of being flamed online and that can become a outright witch-hunt where you burn at the stakes. If you don’t know where to start, google a couple of the latest tv series/movies and talk in reference to them. You might be amazed the results it garner.




Life Story

We all live and walk pass life stories on a daily basis. All you need to do is to open your eyes and notice it. If you notice a young kid helping an old lady, perhaps your content can pivot from piety and go from there. In this day and age, everyone is technically a reporter, reporting on what your interest are and construing it to your favour. What if it is a dull day and you don’t see anything worth reporting? Then it is time to dig in the chest of your own memories and pivot from there.



Every industry has a certain keyword that customers use to find out about you. The key then is 1 of 2 things, either utilise the most searched keywords or create a long tail keyword to maximise your marketing budget better. Spin off something filled with your keywords but in a grammatically appropriate fashion and you might see your SEO ranking soar because of it.


Share your expertise and always value add

Now that social media has become the new newspaper, it is time to stretch your reach by showing people your expertise. If accounting is your expertise, share how to categorize your individual transaction and even better, how to get even more tax relief from it (if no one wants to know, I do!). The idea is to make you an internet expert in something and thus, making you highly sought after online. Take Gordon Ramsey for instance. Is he the undisputed best chef in the world? Not really, but by sharing his skills and expertise, he becomes the most searched chef in the world. According to Exhibit A.


Talk about the future

People are generally shortsighted and are intrigued by the possibilities that could happen in the future in each industry. Imagine if you are a chef and you share about how the latest techniques in cooking can result in maximum flavour with minimum calories and maximum satiety, who would not be intrigued? An entire slice of double chocolate cake that can fill me up for the entire day with maximum flavour and no calories, yes please!


Talk about other people’s success

Nowadays, our entire newsfeed is always about something negative, a bombing here, a killing there, a crazy law being passed somewhere. In this crazy world, we need to know that there is still a possibility to succeed and nothing grasp this subject better than talking about other people’s success. This does 3 things; it makes fans of the person you are talking about like you, it shows you are affluent and knows what is going on and lastly, it establishes yourself as credible as them. The last point is something a lot of scammers has been doing ever so often. Really? Do you really think Sir Richard Branson authorised his photo to be used so blatantly?


With so many evergreen topics you can touch on, what is holding you back to express your thoughts on your brand itself?

How Lemak is your brand?

Recently McDonald’s Singapore launched the Nasi Lemak Burger and it was sold out within 2 weeks. Don’t you wish all your products and services are in such high demand that it simply flies off your shelves? Here are 6 things that McDonald’s did right and how you too can copy from the very best.

Listen to your mass audience

If there is one thing that is a constant theme throughout marketing, it is listening to your audience. Too many times we make too many unnecessary assumptions that results in sup-par results. Being a foodie nation, McDonald’s know Singaporeans love when our cravings get satisfied in a rendition of their burger, namely things like the Samurai Burger when the Japan craze was around, the Prosperity Burger only exclusively available during Chinese New Year, the Double McSpicy and Filet O Fish definitely based on the amount of these staples keep flying off the shelves islandwide. The idea isn’t to figure out and creatively manufacture a trend, it is to leverage on what is already hip and happening. A few ways you can do so is from social media content, create constant content and see what does well, what is your average numbers and what piss people off. Once you have these 3 numbers you understand what provokes them, excites them and what you need to give them more value in.


Underpromise, Overdeliver

McDonald’s love to tantalise our tastebuds and tease us visually but they do so without the usual reactions of people digging into their burger. This creates curiosity on how it taste rather than promising it to be the best thing since humans found out about bacon. Curiosity is your biggest ally in terms of marketing because it lowers the barrier of entry to try your products (thus giving you a high volume of customers) and indemnify you against bad experiences (people who complain that this product is not up to their standards typically get dismissed online). This allows you to safely test your offerings and see which is suitable for your target market.


Let results speak for itself

McDonald’s is a very pragmatic company, they only invest more money if something did well the previous time around, aka try things safely. This means they don’t go all in on a hunch. They let the results from an experiment tells them if it is worthwhile to put even more effort into it the next time it comes around.  If they did a burger that was a flop, there maybe some outcry about it but they don’t bleed themselves dry going in on a risky investment.

Leverage on current trends

During the angry bird series,McDonald’s did the red topped burger.  They also did the same for the minions fever with their rendition of banana ice cream. By leveraging on current trends, you get to bag in more consumers from 2 main areas, long term customers that wants something refreshing and also customers who are huge fans of those movie franchises they wants to ride the wave and taste, touch, feel, smell, see and own everything related to it. Both ways, you knocked it out of the park.


Constantly evolving

When you are as big as McDonald’s, sometimes you might get complacent. This happens because everyone’s work is the same old thing day in and day out. This makes your junior executives feel lethargic, your middle management aching for change and your senior management lazy. With a culture of sprucing things up once in a while, McDonald’s really know how to keep everyone excited and focused on the next big project, something companies of all sizes needs to do. As the saying goes- without a vision, the people perish.


Follow up with something else

Now that McDonald’s is getting all the limelight attention, many would simply sit back and bask in the sun. Not McDonald’s. They used the spotlight to their advantage by pushing out yet another of their offerings, McSpicy with egg. Reinventing the wheel? Not really. Will it generate more cash revenue? I am certain it will.


Similarly for videos, you can leverage on these 6 tips to ensure that you gain brand loyalty and people are willing to keep trying the next thing you roll out, be it whether it is the next big thing or the next big flop.

How to plan your video?

We did a wonderful wedding over the weekend and it was spectacular. From the food to the décor, even the guests that show up were polite and courteous. That got me thinking, is there a way to structure a creative output like video into something that only breeds success? Well, it seems both wedding and video share a few similarities.


Decide who is your target audience

To many times, we do things without an end goal in mind. Worst of all, we do things to please ourselves when we are clearly not the target audience. For this wedding, they know that their guests love to strut the stuff and embrace an extravagant life, even if it is only for just 1 night. They took a page out of the movie playbook and decide to theme their wedding as The Great Gatsby. The key to remember is ask yourself this question “How would a guest feel if he/she came for this event or view this video?”


Make it easy for them to participate

The Great Gatsby event requires people dressing up in an era that most are not familiar with, with feathery headpiece, fedoras, pearl necklaces and short hemline dresses. How do you get your guest to embrace this theme readily? By making it simple for them to participate. Costumes are readily available and made easy for the guest to transform themselves.  If you make a video that people can relate to or suspend their imagination such that they feel that they can react in the same way given the circumstances, then you have your audience’s attention. The food is something that pushes the theme of The Great Gatsby without being too foreign to the local palette, something even we get carried away doing sometimes. That’s why sometimes we have to take a step back and ask for external feedback so we don’t get suck into glorifying our idea, but see it objectively as a customer.


Aim for the stars but always have a back-up plan

The couple wanted to do a separate march in for both their entrance and this requires coordination with the AV team. However, they also have a back-up plan in case it did not turn around well. In order to captivate your audience in this age, you need to be bold and go above and beyond what people are doing now. This means taking risk and that is not something everyone is comfortable with. However, planning either your exit strategy or your back-up plan before executing will ensure that you can safely shoot for the stars and know there is something else you can do if the situation turns dire.



Document and analyse

An important part of the learning cycle is evaluation, something we leave out in the pursuit of doing more work and staying busy. However, pulling back after a project is done to analyse how it went proves its worth many times over. If there is a tendency to do things wrong, at least you know how to correct it the next time around. Take for instance if every wedding you went to the bride finds difficulty walking in her gown. Well, now you have 2 options, either to make it fuss free to walk in with all the finishing or to warn couples ahead of time if they are insistent on this design. This value add can ensure that you keep optimising your marketing and communication efforts so that you don’t make the same mistakes more than twice.