The benefits of hosting on Youtube


Youtube is a big ocean of videos and if you are up to the task of making constant content, then you are in the right space. Here are some benefits of hosting on Youtube that will give you the edge.



If you intend to upload a video every week, then Youtube is definitely your best bet. Many YouTube channel have seen an incremental effect if their content is regular; meaning your views and subscription climbs exponentially the more times you upload. Make it a habit to let your audience know what is your frequency so that they will keep coming back for more.

Ad Feature

Maybe you did not craft your message to have people stumble on your channel to see it. Maybe you are looking to push your message out using ad space. Utilising Youtube Sponsored ads is a smart move especially if you phrase your message a certain way already. (highlight your company in the first 5 seconds). This feature allows your audience to immediately recognise your brand and decide then if they want to tune away or not. Compared to not branding your message at the start, more people will drop off because they don’t know if the sponsored ad is speaking to them, thus clicking away at the earliest moment.



What happens when the ad you make goes viral and start making money for you? Though this is rare at the moment, if you can create a great ad that resembles organic content with only slight references to your company to sway the bias, it might prompt even more audience to see your content and provide you a steady cashflow to off-set the expenses used to make the video.


Right Medium

Compared to Facebook, Youtube is a massive congregator of video watching audience. As much as it is possible for Facebook to host video, people mainly congregate there for post and comments. Having a video is nice, but it does not trend as well as Youtube. Facebook is better made for incidental videos; things other people film of your events or of you and upload with no pressure from your company. This will then spread much easier compared to a corporate driven video. That is the inverse for Youtube though. Storytelling is very important compared to just documenting what happened in video.


Now that you know what are the features of Youtube, maybe you would like to consider hosting your video there. However, let us also cover the features of Facebook so that you can make a better decision.

3 setbacks of video and how to overcome it

Even though video is an effective communication tool for marketing, there are some setbacks to be aware of so that you don’t find yourself in a compromising position jostling for control. Here are some facts to be aware of when doing video.



The elephant in the room is definitely price, but it can really be something you can control depending on your intention for your video. A well versed production company will provide you with either a set of questions to create the best price point for you or price it in 2 to 3 different category so that you will be able to decide which suits your needs best. Controlling price on this can be done two ways; either with allocating a certain budget of your revenue or controlling where you want the video to be seen. Social media videos are generally more affordable due to the fact that the idea is the most expensive while in bigger formats like TVC, everything is fighting to be important at different times.



The crux of a video is message. Sometimes marketers try to feed the audience too much and this results in them being overwhelmed. On the production house side, we try our very best to suit our clients but this results in costly mistakes such as change of message, message not clear enough or the wrong visual representation is used. Eliminate your list of 20-30 messages until you get the most important and then give it to a production company to brainstorm. This saves time, better allocate your resources and also results in a work that speaks clearly to your audience.



Few people outside of the TV industry realise that different countries have different specification for tv. Same can be said for creating cross platform things like outdoor tv, social videos and cinema projections. Understanding where you intend to show it at the very start of the project will make sure that planning takes place for all the known methods of distribution compared to finishing 1 end product only to realise you have to undergo either a re-shoot for different platform or pushing it through a machine to hopefully come up with the right versions for the different platforms. This hassle is seriously unnecessary and it is something that is often overlooked due to the fact that most production companies don’t have tv background to understand it. Knowing this as a marketer prevents this ditch that can really put a dent and make your project come to a screeching halt.


With these 3 important factors taken into account, you can rest assured knowing that your project will go smoothly and in the ideal price point.

7 tips when you are making your first video

Now that you are all raring to go to make your first video, here are some tips to achieve maximum results on your first dip into the pool while reducing the chances of error as much as possible.



Due to the fact that social media is a constant stream of updated statuses, pictures, tag-lines and videos, it is only ideal to think of concepts that are not 1 hit wonders. Sure, talking about your product and the features it does is great, but there is hardly anymore types of these you can do unless you have a wide range of products you need to catch your audience up on or you have a new product launch. The idea is to craft a concept so uniquely you that the next time they see something similar, they will sit up and say “I know that ad”. This direct response to your audience is similar to a unique taste of your favourite food. Let us say for this instant is fried chicken. No one else can replicate that taste but the next time you eat something extremely similar to it, you will remember the brand and trigger an inclination to lean towards this brand. This is what is known as voluntary loyalty.


Leave the skills alone

Too many times we get so caught up in the project that we forget to recalibrate and ask ourselves what is our greatest contribution in this. If you are a marketer, your biggest contribution is consumer feedback and how each strategy address your audience and its direct impact there after. If you become a jack of all trades and get caught up in the process, you remain mediocre at best, not realising the true potential you have at your job. Yes, coordination is part of the job but it should be coordinating with someone who knows your vision and can execute it. The moment you reach for a camera to assist the company you hired to do it, it is time for you to change the company.


Take me off the pedestal

Just like everything we do at our job, it is supposed to be clockwork. Video has been held as a high esteem for far too long and this results in us doubting our instinct and gut feeling when it comes to doing what is right for the brand and company. A video is a communication tool, the same way a letter, text, whatsapp, facebook message, email, phone call, banners, article and even radio ad spots do. A communication tool must be to the point and garner a reaction. Failing to do so irregardless of how much money, time and effort you spent on it is nothing more than a waste of resource.


Plan but leave space to innovate

Ideally, you should be able to forecast at leas 3-6 months of communication materials your company need. Having a macro view of everything means you can shift things around to leverage on the social climate of the world. Let us say you are a marketing company for an oil control product and you are in the process of making a product launch video for it. However, all of a sudden an oil spill happen that impacted the community you are hoping to talk to. Instead of still running with your current plan, would it not be beneficial to do an oil spillage conservation exercise and present it in a video form or even doing a pun on the oil spill in the first place? Both executions suddenly elevates you from just wanting to send a message to making the message relevant to your audience, something that has been lost as we become more digitally inclined.



The toughest work in your line of work, but crucial nonetheless. Budgeting a certain amount of money is great but don’t forget the potential upside when you “upsize” your product. It could be a few hundred dollars more to 2-3 thousand more. If $10k marketing dollar generates $20k sales and $12k marketing dollar generates $36k sales, which would you pick then? The rule of thumb is to take 5% of your average yearly revenue up until now as your yearly marketing budget. Now this budget is fluid, meaning it can be 60% of it in the first half of the year and 40% in the second half. This guideline allows you to explore not just what is affordable, but also what an upsize or two can reap in terms of results.


Constant Contact

If you want to communicate often to your clients and be successful in the social media space, then you have to also consider doing the same thing to your vendors and suppliers. When there is constant communication, there is less chance of sitting around twiddling our fingers and more chance to be productive. The inverse is also true; don’t become a naggy grandma. The rule of thumb in this instance is simple; how would you feel if you were in their shoes?


Mass approach

In the social media landscape, it is no longer possible to just depend on one source of communicating to get your message out. The idea is to spread your risk around when you take on a new communication tool like Video. Do more of what you know will work and allocate a small test trial fund for this. If this fund is too small to create a video, fret not. Allocate that aside from now until you have “saved” enough from your other marketing plans and then execute it right.


With these 7 tips in your pocket, we are certain you will start create better video content and communicate more effectively with your consumers.

How do I make my brand relevant?

Every company that I have spoke to always brings up the aspiration of being household names, being recognised and rewarded with loyal customers. However, in this digital landscape, being famous means you have to be relevant to your audience and that is where most companies struggle with. Here are 5 tips to make your brands relevant to your audience across various platforms.


Ride Pop Culture

Even if your brand is one of luxury and sophistication, it doesn’t hurt the brand to be associated with pop culture, you just need to know which events to leverage on. If your target audience is 30-50s with high spending power, get to know what intrigues them. Is it the results of last night football match or the newest pop star to come out of Hollywood. Knowing which subjects bode well with your customers will make you relevant, not a brand that is left behind in time and is only here to get money out of people. Being human means that you will have to spend a considerable amount of time finding the right occasion to leverage upon. Hey, no one promise success will be an easy right, did they?


10 Year Old Talk

As marketers, we like to hide behind the facade of the works we do and distance ourselves with our industry mambo jumbo. Why must it be ergonomic design when it could simply be fits the curves of your hand? Is it because being simple makes us dumb to our customers? On the contrary, it exposes your brands to a wider target audience. Being tunnel-vision to think that people that can afford your luxury goods are only the educated is a passe. With globalisation accelerating wealth everywhere, you might just risk alienating your audience because you were hell bent on focusing on education and not wealth.



With the world getting smaller, that does not mean that creating 1 message to be used in different countries/territories is the best option forward. Yes, it might cost a little bit more to understand culture and adapting your message to that territory, but would it not attract more people to your brand because it is so succinct in conveying your values in a way they can understand? Localisation is becoming a growing trend because it provides exclusivity to the core consumers in a certain region, making them believe the products they carry embodies luxury and sophistication, something that you are definitely aiming for.



From events to in store packaging, from digital communication to real life interactions, people are always looking for something iconic to remember your company by. If you are able to disseminate only 1 message this year, it is to be extravagantly your company brand. This could mean having a funky outfit for lighthearted events, to dressing it up overly formal for roadshows just to stand out from the crowd. The key is to take a simple expectation and give it a boost upwards for maximum traction and word of mouth.



If all else fails and you don’t know what works, be consistent in stumbling around in the dark. Too many companies embrace the notion that a company cannot mess up and this creates an unhealthy work environment. It prevents you from trying something new and different because it could jeopardise the entire company. However, people are not loyal fans of yours for years and screwing up 1 ad does not make all of your audience go to your competitor. It will push them away no doubt, but if you do consistent slightly better than average works, people will return and in the truckloads. Being consistent is even more important now on social media because everyone is connected. The moment you stop communicating, you can bet your competitor is already outpacing you while you rest. It is this relentless push forward that separates great companies from the pile of good ones.


With these 5 habits implemented, I am certain you will bring your brand from glory to glory. With a distinct messaging implemented in all 5 steps, the company you work for will definitely thank you inmeasurably.

How do I distribute my video?

Now that you have made your masterpiece that distribute your message in an emotional and condensed way, what is next? Well, you need to know where exactly to distribute it to be seen of course. Here are some great ideas to ensure your video get the maximum amount of exposure it needs.



The simplest solution is to go to the media congregator of videos now; Youtube. Depending on your direction, you could be doing anything from simply hosting on your youtube channel, buying distribution for it via sponsored ads and such or enhance your keywords in order to rank highly in your customer’s search results and become the next video to watch.


Youtube has an amazing leverage on your audience because most people binge watch. So short pieces works here very well. Something that has 1 singlet point, deliver it nicely and in the shortest time possible without leaving out content. Since people who go to youtube to watch video, they are expecting your message. The walls are therefore not up for your audience.


If you are in the business of buying youtube sponsored ad post, make sure that your vital information like subtitle, framing of shots on set and company details are not at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This destroys the entertainment experience of your viewers when they try to click away from your ad.



A lot of marketers these days are utilising Facebook due to its quick return on ROI and an easier way to gauge the success of a campaign. Putting a video on your Facebook page means that it disseminates your message to those who liked your page and autoplays it on mobile phones, making it easier for your audience to receive your message. Facebook is not without its flaws of a large part of content created get ignored due to the sheer volume of content that is uploaded. The idea to stick out on facebook is consistency and bring and bold statements like your description in your post, the thumbnail as well as the first 2 seconds of your video.



It used to be that Instagram was the little brother of Facebook due to its 15 seconds limit on videos. Instagram has recently changed it to 1 minutes and that means that your audience are watching more stuff on Instagram as well. If you are already producing a content for Facebook or Youtube, use Instagram as another platform to drive traffic and interest to the main video while enticing them enough on Instagram.


Whichever platform you decide to choose at the end of the day, make sure that you are shooting in a format that is good for the end consumer (shoot in HD to ensure clear video that will not be easily compressed), shoot in the right system (PAL Or NTSC) as this could possibly look extremely distracting if it  was shot on the wrong system

Why is constant communication so important now in this digital age?

Constant communication has become a norm once social media became a possibility for companies to talk to clients. The landscape for marketing, branding and communication has changed vastly due to this in 3 main areas. Here is why communication must happen more and more often than usual.



It used to be that if you want to communicate with your consumers, you have to make a TVC, create a roadshow and other expensive collaterals to go along with it. Now however, it has become simpler and cheaper to do so. Need to communicate with your consumers online? Set up an official instagram or facebook group and update constantly. 5 dollars a day to advertise to everyone so more people will like your page and stay for the update. Over a year, that is 1825 dollars a year, a far cry from spending a million on a TVC or a 50-100k roadshow and event. This method is not only cheap to collate people who wants to hear from you, but who you can also benefit from customers feedback. Remember in the “good old days” where you need to pay an agency to collate market data for you from peer group. Now, it is part of your cost of acquiring customers at 5 dollars a day. How good is that?



It used to take 2-3 months to set something up to communicate with your consumers. Going down the path of a TVC? 6-9 months from concept to actual delivery on TV. Need a print ad? Perhaps at least a month. And don’t get me started on roadshow. An assortment of vendors to communicate with is such a logistical nightmare. Now with social media, you can set it up in minutes, deliver message periodically and even determine the best time on the fly, with little exposure on your end. This means you can focus more on communicate the right message then figure out when, who, what, which and just focus on the how. This means better messaging that resonates with your audience.



Remember when all you did for that year was to coordinate 3-4 times to communicate with your consumers and that was all the airtime you can get? Well, now you can do 100 times that and communicate daily (if you want to). Doing so not only provide a loudhailer for you 24/7, but also a platform for you to collate responses, justify which efforts pays off and when to target more aggressively. It takes the guesswork out of marketing and put concrete numbers that simply cannot lie.



I placed a 4th point in for people who have read thus far. Being genuine might not be in every company’s approach but I seriously think that being genuine is the greatest asset a company can provide. People buy from people you trust and that stands true even when bad times are around the corner. Yes, obviously volume sales and profit will dip during bad times, but admitting to your mistakes makes your company human. This means that it destroys the crazy notion that no screw up can ever be made and makes you a fun and easy to talk to company that is open to consumer suggestions.


With these reasons on why constant communication is important, I hope that you will be able find social media a less threatening space and more of a multi-facet marketing tool for you to advance your business.

How does my brand stand out among the rest?

In a world where everyone is fighting for attention space, it is vital as a brand to have all 3 of these traits. These traits will not only allow you to create great videos, but also other content to ensure your brand message stands out among everyone else. Here are 3 tips to make your brand stand out and not blend in with everyone else.


Constant Communication

People like to Kapao (busybody, snoop into people’s business) because it gives them an insight on the success you have so far. Be it small or big, the internet has even the playing fields for all brand. Being constantly visible allows customers to understand your objective and correct your actions if they deem it unsuitable. With this kind of communication, you can be sure that you will always be doing the right thing in your customer’s eyes. Constant communication can give you quality feedback that can reposition your brand in times of crisis, allow you to beta test a product and also try the bold and dangerous without getting burnt. The reason you will stand out from the rest is because most companies spend more money on management and internal operations when they should be looking outside of their company on ways to improve their customer’s life. An outward looking company is like a fisherman that uses a net; always yielding a big catch. An introspective company on the other hand, tinkers until he has mastered the best fishing rod on the market; yielding high quality but low quantity.



With everyone speaking, you need to either shout or whisper. Talking with a corporate voice all the time will get you nowhere because everyone is doing the same thing too. Imagine you are at a business district waiting for your friend dressed in the same white shirt and black pants combination everyone’s in. A little bit difficult, don’t you think? However, it can be rectified by perhaps carrying a red umbrella; now your friend has an object to look out for. Another way is to go the other spectrum. In a black tie event, come in your t shirt and jeans. Translate this to video and it could be being casual when everyone is being corporate; or being dressed up when the messaging is casual. It could also be about content; talk about others when most people talk about themselves, talk about yourself when people talk about others.


Socially seen

Social media is like being up and about in the faces of common people; a lot more visibility. Adopting a social media approach in your marketing campaign is a great way to ensure that your brands is understood by the layman. Being casual and relatable is the selling language of our current generation. This means talking like people, not corporate statements written and published to everyone to recite. Being relatable makes you familiar and people love to buy from people they are familiar with.


With these 3 tips, I am certain your brand will stand out from the rest of your competitor, allowing you to gain market shares effortlessly.

How do I make my brand irresistible?

The marketing game has changed drastically since TV came into existence. Gone are the days where communicating with your core consumers once a year or at a product launch is a viable option moving your business forward and to outpace your competitor. Here are 5 things you can do to make your brand irresistible to your consumers today!


Social Media

Social media is now the go to place for news, communications and interactions. The readership for newspapers and magazines has started its downward trend due to the wide range of coverage and opinions from both sides of the story. Not being on social media is no longer a viable option, even if you are just a hawker stall at a coffee shop. “If you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist at all” is becoming more and more a reality. The key advantage on the other hand of being on social media is 3 folds. Firstly, you get to communicate with your consumers cheaply and as often as you want. Second, you get important customers’ insights to change track or market differently. Lastly, you get to expose your brand to more people than you usually would in your current state of marketing.



Too many times we worry on screwing up the first time around that we don’t even get started. The problem that a shrinking world due to globalisation of the internet age is that if you are not frequently appearing in someone’s view, you will be forgotten very quickly. It does not matter if you impress your customers when they use your products or go to your store. if they fail to see you often, they will not remember you. However, that does not mean you create tons of marketing materials and spam your user. It is about giving them what they want so that they remember you as a good friend that they know who they want to buy from. As hard as this reality is, people buy from people they like and trust. Building a relationship from a company perspective can be anything from posting how-to post to help them in their work, motivational quotes to get them through the day or even highlight some pain points you can alleviate for them in life. If you are there when they are down and out, you can bet that they will be there when they are up on their feet.


Bite size information

Given that the distractions that are going on in a busy life of your consumer, bite size information are even more crucial then ever. The worst mistake you can do right now for your brand is to pack so much information into 1 piece. Sprinkle your messaging around so that different points are highlighted in different post. This way, you get your audience interested on different ends and figure out what exactly works for your clients. For example, you are a lingerie company and your messages involve multi-outlets, breathable material, firm support, great range of colours, affordable and sexy, you can take each message into a post and see what works for your audience. You may find out that at the end of the day your consumers could only be interested in breathable material, great range of colours and being affordable. That way, you can reposition your marketing strategy to corner the market on those 3 aspects.



As much as we all love to write long essays about how good our products and services are, people still love to see visuals. Be it still or moving, it conveys the message quickly and is easier for mobile consumption. Integrating visuals into your post and articles help break up the segments better and makes it less taxing for the brain to process the information (much like a rest stop during a marathon). Not only can visuals be used like a full stop and paragraph, but it can also be used to portray relevance, humour and your company culture as well. Take for instance that you are a health supplement company that is warning people on the bad effects of sugar. Integrating a meme like this  allows you to portray humour, pop culture reference and a casual company culture as well. Punctuate visuals like paragraphs, if it is distract the message, then it is too much.


Social Relevance

In today hair trigger environment, being relevant is a much sought after trade. This means that you have to be even more outreaching than you were previously, punctuating it with relevant subjects consumers on the streets are talking about and leveraging that to create a meaningful relationship with your customers. If it is Valentine’s Day, it is a must to skewer your message for this festivity. Also, take reference from pop culture to connect even more closely with your audience. But whatever you do, don’t be a daddy (try to be in trend when it is obvious the trend died 2 months ago).


With these 5 tips on how to make your brand irresistible on social media, we hope that you will be able to create more effective marketing materials to connect with your audience.

3 types of videos that do well online

Videos are like food; you need to appeal to the taste of where the environment is. Your audience will feel awkward if you decides to serve them chicken rice on a brown paper wrap right? But add a bit of finesse with fine chinas and heavy metal utensils and suddenly it is. Here are some great video content you can explore so that you will cater to their tastebuds.


Listical Videos

Youtube for once is a great resource site for listical videos; from students to maids and even kisses. The idea is to inject your personal flavour into what you think will compliment your brands. For example, if you are in the make-up industry; perhaps a video like 12 types of lipsticks, 10 types of people in a make-up store or 12 things in a woman’s bag will be suitable. The idea is association and making it casual in order for people to relate to.


Explainer Videos

People have a tendency to overcomplicate things, making explaining situations, softwares and how something work very difficult. If you can digest an entire concept like Astrophysics and present it that even your niece who is attending K2 can understand, then this is something you will be an ace at. Explainer videos are engaging, leverage on what viewers are looking for and is a bridging materials between people from different industries, skill sets and expertise. Explainer videos are generally presented on a whiteboard animation, a 2D vector animation in order to keep things clean and focus the viewer on the message with complimentary visuals to help people understand better.


Seasonal Videos

What is a sure-fire way to get to your audience? Well, with seasonal videos of course. At this point of time, people are about to celebrate chinese new year and naturally there will be a spike in traffic related to videos in that aspect. The idea is not to own the entire space on seasonal video, but rather give it the impression that it is a rare find and it is helpful or entertaining for them. Seasonal videos can even be made in advance so that you can maximise your production cost by having 2-3 productions be shot together. Make sure that your content is SEO optimized as that will be your driving force for your traffic for many years to come. In terms of the 3 videos, this has an infinite ROI due to it being watched more and more by people as the year progresses.


With chinese new year looming, here is wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year and prosperity and progress in all aspects of life, from family, marriage, friends and even work.

3 simple videos you can do with minimal investment

Sometimes, you want to get started but you need something cheaper to kickstart the momentum. Here are 3 simple video executions every industry could use in order to start the “behemoth” train of video moving.


Explainer Video

Every product and service can do with an explainer video. This allows people to understand your brand, you messaging and what you stand for in a short and easy to consume media. You can do a timelapse video of you drawing the actions out on screen and speed it up to fit the length of your script easily with a blank wall, some markers, good lighting and a static camera. If you are in a “boring” industry like logistics or Finance, try to strip down the language until a 10 year-old can understand what you are talking about.


Song Parody

This is a little bit tricky but as long as you check that it is a creative commons song, you should have no problem. The idea is to find a song that represents that occasion and give it a spin based on the situation that life unfolds; Christmas song turns into a couple quarrelling about shopping. This will not only cause you to ride the trending wave, but also creates the impression that a company is not just a lifeless thing, but something that can feel, think, relate to what is happening in the world.


Other uses for your product/service

Sometimes we focused too much on how our product can work in a specific ways that we fail to consider other implementation for the product. Showcasing different use of your product (even for things that are outrageous or disgusting that you might say) can actually translate to earning more revenue and promoting a persona that your brand is easygoing and is open to doing depreciating jokes on itself to entertain the audience. Products like a blender to beverage, there is always something fun to do with it.


With ideas that are easy to execute, go out there and start making a splash with your creative ideas for your business!