10 types of videos every company need

Video is the most consumed media online and offline, so why not market your company through this medium. Here are the top 10 types of videos every company needs, from the time you start, the moment you stumble and when you are one of the big boys.


Company Launch

When your company first step into the market, the problem you will definitely face is awareness; are people aware of my brand? Well, the truth is that no one really know you are there and there is no better way to do so other than advertise yourself in the best medium; video. The first thing you need to get right is your company voice. Be it if you are funky, crazy or even just friendly, there is always something for you. This is where your company needs to explain the reason you are in the market and what gap you fulfil.


Product Launch

This is where everyone has been doing since the birth of the television; advertising your new product. However, because this particular segment is filled, you have to innovate in order to stay ahead of the curve. Companies that have done this successfully includes Old Spice, Carl’s Junior and even Axe. The idea is to create something unique to you such that when your audience see it for the first time, it creates a wow effect. Subsequent showings will then bring up your brand name in organic conversations (or otherwise known as the holy grail as word of mouth).


In store Video

Don’t you just hate it when your product is not properly represented in your distributor’s store? Plus, the sales are not coming in fast enough for you to hire a full time staff to help you sell your product at that outlet. What would your solution be then? Well, one of the things you can do is to install your own display cabinet and have it in store with a video that explains your service. JML does it very well for a lot of the products that it acquire by placing dedicated video stream next to the new product that hits the shelf. The next best thing you can do besides having your own shelf space is to include bright and bold subtitles. No one wants to strain their ears in order to hear what your ad is saying, they just want to know how it help them, so make it easy for them.



Once you are ready to expand, the worry is that you might not be able to ensure the high quality standards you expect of yourself to flow down the chain. However, one thing you can do is to create work training videos. This way, you ensure the same message is being delivered all the time to all the new staff and make sure everyone is on the right track. If you have great senior management, this would also be a good time to teach each specific department the work standard as well as how the system runs in the company.



Another good component to separate yourself from your competitor is to equip your sales team with a sales video. This way, sales becomes a measurable constant in the company rather than a big question mark at the end of every month or quarter. By equipping your sales team with a video, your new staff can get the hang of selling, your veterans will be able to close better and your regular sales force will see the light at the end of the tunnel because it becomes easier to convince, close and convey your messages.


Public Relations

Every now and then a company encounters a shit stop that just get from bad to worst. The usual regime is to disregard the issue but that is only a feasible tactic to wait for the fire to burn out on its own. Instead of putting power in the hands of others, why not take control and get in front of the situation. By facing the situation head on and creating your own press, you elevate yourself out of the mud and onto the stage. Being in a position of authority to shed light on the matter gives credibility to your company and shows your ability to take a hit; everyone likes a company that can bounce back up again.


Company Culture

In order to scale big without compromising your values, you need to spread the correct company culture and nothing does it better than the use of videos. It is rare for everyone to be in the same place celebrating your anniversary so make that event count. Use this time to spread the message of how much you appreciate your staff, what they have accomplished and what your direction is in the future. This rare repositioning enables you to seed your message out to receptive minds, something that is hard to do in the 9-6 office hours.


Share with your Shareholders

If your company has scaled to the point of getting listed, congratulations on getting there! It is important that the owners of the business understands what you, the operator of the business is helping them to achieve. Explaining it out in numbers and powerpoint slides is great, but what gets blood rushing, fist pumping and a war cry is still best achieved with a video. By showing visually what your vision is for the following year through words and numbers on the screen, do 2 steps better; use MOVING VISUALS. This engages with your audience and make you come across professional, to the point and rally your shareholders behind you.



Sometimes, just saying that you did such and such for your marketing efforts might not be enough proof for a promotion. Sometimes, you need to step it up and nothing steps it up when you are documenting your progress for the year than showing your boss some of the events you were able to put together. Event is still a good way to reach out to organic traffic and having a video document the gruelling journey you went on and the success of the campaign can land you in a better position to do more for your company (as well as a bonus). When it comes to event coverage, make sure that the best parts of each segment is captured on film, particularly if your event spreads across a long period of time or over a large space. Make provisions for a big enough crew to help you document each parts properly and in its entirety.



The last thing you can do with your videos is to make sure that you keep emphasising your brand voice. By creating regular content to the general public, you brand your company as someone who keeps growing and improving, but yet sticks to the same values you had when you started the company. This video will highlight your company’s tireless pursuit to deliver the best product to your consumers with the same values that they grew up with; making you a company that will be here for many years to come.


And that wraps up the top 10 videos you can do for your company. Remember that doing videos is not just about taking a camera out and capturing what is in front of you. It is about telling a convincing story to your audience such that they feel for your company, rather than just seeing what is happening on screen now.

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