10 Types of Video Ads That Work

Video ads has been around since the 90s but why is there so little great video ads on facebook and you-tube? Here are some examples of video ads that works and why!

1) Poo~Pourri

Poo~Pourri came onto the market to solve an embarrassing issue- the smell after you take a dump. What Poo~Pourri did different is to face it head on, disguised as a prim and proper woman.

The female lead is dropping the bomb (literally and metaphorically) about the utterly disgusting shame you feel when you have to let one down in an unfamiliar place. This piece entertains like no other, making her the embodiment of the elephant in the room

How can I make it- Talk about things that people don’t feel like talking in front of a camera or even in public. This makes you an instant credible person on that subject, and create a community of fans that will literally crawl out of all the crevices to hear you speak.

2) Dollar Shave Club

Dollar shave club had a simple concept; why pay so much for razors when it is a commodity? Why would you then need to market a commodity? Well, you do that to get people on board with your brand, and this case, it is the CEO. The CEO is overly frank and crude, making him the everyday man.

Just in case you were wondering it is a B grade company, Unilever (a big group that owns like a lot of brands) just bought them for a lot, a lot of money. We are talking truckloads of money.

How can I make it: Sometimes the best ambassador for your brand is someone in it and it is up to you to find it. Trust me, it is so worth it to have your own employees or management on camera because it turns an inanimate brand to something relatable, something human.

3) Squatty Potty
Squatty Potty tackles a first world problem- sitting on our glorious porcelain throne and taking a dump. This ease and comfort is what makes us constipated. How do we sell a product that tackles a disgusting problem? We flip the switch to the other side and make it disgustingly pretty. No one can hate a unicorn right? And Ice cream? Everyone loves that flavor bomb of icy magic. And that is how you win an audience ladies and gentlemen!

How can I make it: Take what is disgusting and what others considered dirty, unsightly and put a design spin on it, you will be surprised how disgustingly rich it makes your company!

4) Blendtec

Blendtec is a new blender that claims to do exactly what everyone wants it to do… BLEND! But instead of the bull-shit kind of video of a housewife wanna-be doing some late night commercial demonstrating how it works and cuts (literally) to the heart of the bull-shit which is cut weird things up.

How can I make it : Put some of the stuff the internet love/hate into it for maximum result. Take your company product, pour in some trending item and literally blend!

5) Fanpage

How do you discuss a hard topic on woman’s violence? Most would go the route of showing the consequences of it happening but what happens if you should the trigger? The fear in movies is not the bullet going out of the body and the drastic blood splatter, but when the hard-knocks tyrant points the barrel of the gun straight at the camera and hurls insults after insults. Want to make it even more crazy? Get a kid to be at the end of the trigger and another pulling it, Gold mine struck!

How can I make it: Use kids to amplify the story. If you want to stop people checking their phone while they are driving, how about making the kid the driver instead?

6) Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Everyone knows about Dove, the brand that focuses on everyone being beautiful. So how did that transcend into the Internet? They take ordinary people and get them in front of a really good forensic artist and only draw from the information he hears from the person as well as the stranger. The result? A stunning difference in the way we see ourselves that unravel on screen.

How can I make it – Find a social insecurity that strengthens your brand image that you want to show. People buy into ideas, not the crazy brainwashing product video of how good the product will make us feel. People are more complex so unless we can convince them from their perspective, not ours.

7) Always

How do you sell a feminine sanitary product? Well, most people would show young adults prancing around like the period is not an issue. New flash everyone! That doesn’t work! Instead of convincing existing period woman to come aboard on your brand, how about convincing young impressionable teens to start using your brand? And that is what Always did. They created a campaign to get more young people aboard with a trending issue that they are all facing; feminism. Empowering a young girl could just be the tipping point that you need in sales.

How can I make it – Take a social issue that is facing your new customers and tackle it with real people and their takes on that issue. It makes your brand genuine, sincere and in my opinion, utterly powerful. For maximum effect, integrate your brand into the tagline.

8) Durex

What do we expect from a company that sells condom? Well, we expect the image to be just explicit, but just subtle enough for the TV, Radio or Print. But what happens when you head online? Does this throw the gate wide open for a brand like Durex? Instead, they went the complete other way- PG13. Couples talking about their problems on cam subtly sell the fact you will get it on after and might use your product later without coming across one bit obvious. And that is exactly what some ads need; subtlety. The less in your face the brand is, the more it stays on your mind. Think about Christmas and you will remember Santa, an imaginative person from Coca Cola’s creative playbook year after year.

How can I make it – See what you competitions do in terms of marketing their product in video and do something different. If everyone is doing a product demonstration ad with a celebrity fronting it, maybe the way you stand out from the crowd is being genuine, easy, affordable and heart-warming.

9) Nike

So what do the big boys like Nike do when consumers head onto the internet? Crush it that’s what! Nike takes the usual narrative of how you are full of potential and spins it out of control. Most narrative ends on a happy note of someone overcoming just 1 difficulty. In this ad, it totally smash that concept and leaves the narrator feeling kind of helpless.

How can I make it – take your narrative, attach some rockets to it and let it soar. Take a product review and do it upside down. Hell, do it under water!

What happens when the person you hire screws up on international live event? Well, you take that humiliation and wing with it. That is where T-mobile shows how mobile they are (literally). Steve Harvey may have drop the ball on Miss Universe but not on this ad spot.

How can I make it – find your ambassador and stick through with them even when the going gets tough; cause you never know what a huge opportunity you are missing.

So there you have it, 10 different ways to create a marketing video for your company irregardless of your industry!

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