10 types of online video successes

Coming up with online video can be a daunting task, even the seasoned marketers. In order to navigate the fast moving current of the Internet, it is good to keep your eyes on the horizons and see what kind of videos survive coming online. Here are 10 types of online video successes that have been proven successful online.


Outrageous video

This is by far the broadest term being used. What is outrageous to some maybe different from another. However, they all serve the same purpose. Get people riled up with crazy emotions, be it loving it or hating it. Contenders includes the recent PPAP (if this does not rile you up, I don’t know what to say), clown pranks or even T-rex taking on Ninja Warrior. If being outrageous and shocking is something your company brand welcome (or is open to explore), I strongly suggest you go down this path.

Music Video

It is not rocket science that humans like a rhythm, tones and rhyming words just about anything. It is like bacon, it cannot go wrong anywhere (I am looking at you vegans). Channels such as Vevo has definitely benefitted from it but even non “professionals” can also do so. Great repeat artists such at ERB and even the infamous Bart Baker has jumped onto the rhythm bus, how about you?

Answer Video

The prime reason why You-tube was a hit was because it was used as a place to get answers to just about anything. People were finding things from how to fix pipes to even Rubik’s Cube. So if you are in any business where people need to find out how to fix something of your competitor (or yours, I really hope not), then perhaps you could become a key expert in that area by providing the answers your potential customers will need on your channel.


Series video

This typically means that it has a story that is chopped up into bite sizes for easier video consumption. What series video does perfectly is to hook audience in to come back for future releases; something that has worked for tv series as well as movies. If you can come up with a story that can be developed into a 3 part or a 4 part, try this method. Even better if you can spin it off into a full year series.


Trying videos

Without a doubt, Buzzfeed dominates this space like a king. From groups such as The Try Guys to Ladylike and even more outrageous non gender specific ones involving food and other topics. The format is pretty simple and the execution as well. You just need to be creative to come up with an angle that ties your product or services in a bit later on.




People like to see something different and that fact holds true if it is something that is either not seen before or something that was prohibited. Either way, people are curious and if you can feed them that kind of information, you will certainly be successful like Vice someday.


Sex sells

This is a secret that working in an advertising industry will tell you. Everything can be sold with sex. From food to fragrances and even the obvious protection brands. If you choose to sex it up, make sure your brand welcome sensual imagery, especially if you are a prominent bank that grandpa and grandma uses on a daily basis.


Hilarious video

Humour, sex and music are the 3 primal forms of human interactions and it is no wonder that we also see it turn up in our list. Hilarious videos can vary from stand up to even skits. Jokes can vary from country and language but I sort of find a way to do it without being flagged as offensive. The simple way is to always poke fun at yourself, then nothing bad could ever happen.


Cat video

If you can capture the reaction of your cat, turn it into a meme that supports your story, then you have what the internet call a genius idea. Execution, simple. Take out your camera and record your cat expression and actions around the house. You will be surprised what it can add to your brand and your channel. Even something like this can be taken out of its current context and made into a coffee commercial. This is me without coffee for your information. Think Grumpy Cat.

Socially Awkward Video

This has 2 avenues; one is documenting socially awkward things to do while the other is to stage it and film it for the effect it has on storytelling. The more unspeakable it is, the higher it seems to perform. So lift up your hands and hi five yourself in the face. You maybe onto something.


And that sums it up on the top 10 types of videos that works on the internet. Find what works for your brand specifically, it could even be a blend of 2 types of videos into 1.

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